Miami Vice 2006 – I think I will miss Jan Hammer’s theme

Michael Mann’s new Miami Vice film will hit the screens next week. Having read the reviews on the web, it seems Mann is basically creating a brand new movie that retains only TV programme’s title and the characters’ names.

One of my favorite shows on TV during my secondary school days, Miami Vice was cool in an indescribable way – the radical color scheme for a TV show, the rock star cameos and the MTV-ready music all made it a rocking show. I remember many of my friends wearing moccasins without socks.

Well, I finally saw the trailer at the cinema today – and am really looking forward to seeing it. Michael Mann’s films have always entertained me and I just hope Miami Vice will not be a disappointment. I have doubts about Colin Farrell as Sonny Crocket, but Gong Li looked real sharp.