Wishmaster : pleasant CD for Euro-metal newcomer

Finnish metal band Nightwish often achieve chart success in their native land of Europe. Their sound is very accessible yet original : the band features trained opera singer Tarja Turunen as lead vocalist with choirs as backing. Most of the songs are written by the keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen.

The 2000 album Wishmaster is an easy-to-like metal album that is accessible for beginners and fun enough for more experienced listeners. In many ways, it is a typical Nightwish CD with catchy riffs and decent vocals – basically “opera” metal lite. What the album lacks is a coherent focus for the discrete songs. Overall mood of the disc is not heavy or dark.

Verdict : Wishmaster is a great place for newcomers to European metal or even general music fans but hardcore metal fans can safely stay away.


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