JLA #1 : Brad Meltzer keeps relaunch fresh

Treated to a preview in Wizard magazine, comic fans have waited for months for the relaunch of DC Comics’ flagship team title Justice League of America. Written by Brad Meltzer, this first issue (discounting the prologue issue #0) points the direction JLA will take in the near future.

It seems the team will be anchored by the big three – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and Meltzer intends to introduce a younger generation of super-heroes into the JLA. Hot favorites to make the new team include Power Girl, Arsenal and Red Tornado.

I liked the interior artwork by Ed Benes and the covers were equally hot. Currently, the story seems to be focused on building up the new team and the “resurrection” of the Red Tornado.

Verdict : JLA #1 lives up to the hype. Let’s hope the subsequent issues can deliver as well.


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