Wages Of Sin : my first Arch Enemy CD

A 2002 release, the tracks on Arch Enemy’s Wages Of Sin offer a wide range of metal styles from the standard Scandinavian death metal sonic assault to a more “commercial” sound with soaring guitar solos. The more accessible tracks feature riffs that would not be out of place on a power metal album; other tracks, however, offer more menace and heavier guitars.

The band is fronted by Angela Gossow, a female vocalist, but you would never know this by simply listening to the music – her black vox is every bit as heavy as your standard male Swedish death metal singer. In fact, Angela Gossow is probably one of the best known female metal vocalists on the scene.

The CD I acquired contains a bonus disc with cover versions of songs by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Europe as well as some previously unreleased material.

Star tracks : #2 Burning Angel, #5 Savage Messiah, #10 Snow Bound, #11 Shadows and Dust

Verdict : worth a listen, but hardly a classic or an essential buy


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