Epitafios : Argentinean serial killers are sadistic

Released as a DVD set, the 13-part HBO mini-series Epitafios is a Spanish language serial killer crime thriller than became a sensational hit in Argentina. So successful in fact that HBO decided its viewers in America ought to see it – the mini-series was carried on HBO’s American outlets and subsequently released on DVD.

Apparently the South Americans have a long tradition of crime fiction and it shows in the impeccable scripting on Epitafios, which translates into “Epitaphs” in English. The series follows the trials of an ex-detective Renzo and a psychologist Laura as they try to put a stop to a maniac killer who seeks revenge for wrongdoings committed by selective people five years ago. A botched mission causes 4 students to be burnt to death five years ago, and both Renzo and Laura played a part in the disaster. Over the course of the series, the serial killer taunts them and it gradually becomes clear that he is out to make them suffer as much as possible.

Shot in Buenos Aires, the drama features excellent production values, is fast-paced and keeps viewers guessing with unexpected plot twists. Obviously inspired by David Fincher’s Se7en, the series nonetheless never succumbs to cheap thrills or excessive gore – the gruesome killings are presented matter-of-factly and should not be a turn off for most viewers. An utterly depressing conclusion highlights that the series as definitely not made for American viewers.

The verdict : highly recommended