Track you music preferences with Last.FM

Considered one of the leading Web 2.0 music sites, Last.FM uses the Audio Scrobbler engine to collect music played on a user’s PC and compiles charts on listening behavior. I created an account with Last.FM on 08 September 2006 and downloaded the Audio Scrobbler plugin for my preferred audio player Foobar 2000. The scribbler sends data back to the website in the background and is transparent in everyday operation. I have not noticed any significant system slowdown after using the plugin.

I found this web utility to be quite helpful in tracking what I have listened. The site shows the most recently played tracks, top 10 weekly artists, overall top artists, and overall top tracks. In my first week, I found myself playing specific songs to compile charts that reflect my tastes – the site uses engines that guess your preferences and recommends tracks as well as fellow users to you. Now that I have played 1,000+ tracks, I don’t feel the intrusive need to influence the charts by purposely playing certain artists.

One of the bonuses of the site is it provides scripts for users to add customized graphic charts of their music listening behavior to their blogs and website (mine are in the sidebar). I found this feature convenient and easy to use. Now I can point my friends to my profile at Last.FM or my blogs to see what music I have been listening recently.

My profile at Last.FM


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