Apple II Plus . . . actually a cloned version

The first real PC that I laid my hands on was my father’s Apple II+ clone. Bought and assembled in the infamous Golden Computer Center, the system had a 1MHz processor, 64K RAM, which was impressive for the time, and two 5.25 inch floppy drives (not the Apple brand drives pictured above). We used a green monitor. Dad and I would go to the Computer Centre nearly every Satuday afternoon to window shop – and Dad would marvel at the magnificent NEC color monitor every weekend.

After half a year, Dad installed an 80-column card and began playing around with the CP/M operating system (which can be seen as a precursor to Microsoft’s MS-DOS). I had fun with Pro Dos, which introduced the system of using folders and sub-folders to organize files – this is basically the same way we manage files today but without all the graphic icons and razzle dazzle.