Theli : an accessible classic Scandinavian Metal album

Swedish band Therion sound thoroughly unique and defies categorization within the various metal sub-genres – their albums are sometimes referred to as death metal, symphonic death metal or progressive metal. The group produces ambitious metal music that is melodic, catchy and even features choir choruses and elaborate orchestrations. Fans consider their 1996 album Theli one of the highlights in their career and an essential purchase.

With a total of 10 tracks, Theli features songs that range from catchy and straight-forward metal rockers (Nightside Of Eden) to epic instrumental compositions (The Siren Of The Woods). Therion possess a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends the pseudo-classical style choir choruses with heavy riffage – and the second track on the album To Mega Therion is a good example of this.

Star tracks : #2 To Mega Therion, #6 Nightside Of Eden, #7 Opus Eclipse, #9 The Siren Of The Woods

Verdict : highly recommended for all rock / metal fans. Unlike many other Scandinavian metal groups which sound inaccessible, I found Therion very enjoyable and easy to like.


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