Sony Z610i : sleek OLED clamshell phone

Just saw this today over at HardwareZone – the Sony Z610i, a very stylish cell phone that uses Sony’s cool looking MP3 players as a template. The guys over at HardwareZone rightly see this phone as appealing to both the fashion conscious as well as tech-savy and corporate users. The clamshell phone features the usual array of features – froma 2.0 mega pixel camera to MP3 playback functions. The front of the phone consists of an OLED screen. Wonder if this is finger-print proof.


Update [11 October 2006]

According to, “the mirror-like clamshell Z610 has a magic top half and an invisible external display; it supports 3G, has a 2 megapixel camera, and has one of the most luxurious keypads ever seen on the mobile market. Memory card slot is available, of course. In other words, Sony Ericsson’s portfolio has been enriched with another top-quality model.”

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