Civil War #4 : cloned Thor goes berserk!

One of the mysteries surrounding Marvel’s Civil War event is how Thor would be re-introduced back into the Marvel Universe after his demise last year. Hints were dropped in the Fantastic Four comics about Thor’s impending return, but the thunder god’s actual homecoming came in Civil War #4 – and boy, was it a shocker.

I’m not totally sold on Marvel’s Civil War event – too many crossover comics to follow smacks of greed on the part of Marvel. I also found many titles less than spectacular in terms of both plot development and artwork. Being the flagship title that drives the event, the Civil War comic is the only essential buy – I am not particular fond of Steve McNiven’s artwork, but the title has managed to deliver some surprises. In issue #4, Thor suddenly makes a bold entrance and even kills a former team-mate. It is revealed that Reed Richards cloned and now controls the “fake” thunder god along with Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man.

It will be real interesting to see how writer Mark Millar wraps up the series.

Official wallpaper based on Michael Turner’s variant cover

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