Nimrod outsmarted by New X-Men

The New X-Men’s 4-part Nimrod arc concluded in issue #31. The final confrontation between the ultimate Sentinel Nimrod and the New X-Men (Rockslide, Mercury, Hellion, Dust, Surge, X-23) dominated the issue. The rumour that there would be at least one casualty proved to be true – but lasted only a few pages as the healer Elixir’s powers returned just in time to save a fatally wounded Laura (X-23).

Liked I stated in a previous post, The New X-Men stands heads and shoulders above most mainstream comic books and I rate it as one of the better mutant titles along with Josh Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. Apart from the early issues when writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost hadn’t quite figured out the mechanics of the team, the title has delivered very entertaining plots and nice character development unburdened by a ridiculous backstory that plagues the senior X-Men stories. Paco Medina’s artwork continues to dazzle – I would like to see him pencil one of the senior X-Men teams in the future.

Verdict : highly recommended.

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