Dragon Tiger Gate : heroes are sidelined in favour of villains

Perhaps the single most famous comic in Hong Kong, Dragon Tiger Gate’s heyday was probably in the mid-1980s. Revamped several years ago, the comics followed the path taken by Marvel’s Ultimate line – to start the story from scratch for a new generation of readers.

The “new” Dragon Tiger Gate has been a qualified success so far – it is one of the best selling weekly titles in Hong Kong. Unlike the vintage Dragon Tiger Gate, the current title focuses alot on the villains. In the past, the heroes tackled basically three different gangs / society’s one after another. Currently, the key villains have all appeared and seem to be competing for the title of No.1 gang in Asia – Tiger Wong and his group of friends are sidelined. This is my single complaint.

Otherwise, the comic offers plenty of Hong Kong style martial arts action and colourful (if not particularly distinctive) artwork. The plot lacks the element of surprise since we more or less already know how it will develop, which is the reason why its creator Tony Wong has decided to change some parts of the plot to enliven it for veteran fans of the title.

Verdict : recommended, but in my opinion not the best available in Hong Kong at the moment


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