JLA #2 sustains interest in relaunch of DC’s premiere team

The second issue of the relaunched Justice League of America does not disappoint and it has become one of the few titles I eagerly await each month.

In issue #2, the plot thickens and potential league members are thrown into the mix. Brad Meltzer has proven to be one of the best current writers in comics – his Identity Crisis mini-series is probably one of the best comic events I have ever read and this relaunch has success written all over it. In fact, DC comics even prints a blurb from Entertainment Weekly on the cover of issue #2. I think this is a rarity in comics.

Issue #2 revolves around the core axis of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman voting on who’s in on the new team while Green Lantern, Black Canary and Arsenal investigate the missing android body of the Red Tornado. Ed Benes artwork is excellent, with several impressive flat-open panels to boot. The Michael Turner should also boost sales of the title.

Verdict : must read.


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