Devilman : Live Action + CG + Anime = a colourful mess

I must confess that while I am aware of the manga called Devilman, I have never really read it. Devilman was created in the early 1970s, but this movie was produced in 2004. The basic plot follows Akira, a teenage who can mutate into a demon but retains the conscience of a human. Determined the fight the demons who run amok, he becomes more and more disappointed with the humans as they exploit the growing distrust among each other.

Obviously with a title like this, the narrative plays second fiddle to the on-screen visuals. Devilman combines live action martial arts fighting with CG demons and even a few scenes with animation. The overall effect can lack a bit of harmony, this is fun to watch nevertheless. There is a slight amount of gore, so it isn’t entirely appropriate for young kids, and the movie is really targeted at adults who grew up with the comic.

Verdict : online reviews panned the film. I found it decently entertaining but abit long at over 110 minutes.

Link to wikipedia entry for Devilman (manga)