Shinya Tsukamoto’s Nightmare Detective features Hitomi

Now this is one movie I would really like to see. Tetsuo The Iron Man director Shinya Tsukamoto’s latest film Nightmare Detective has been called his most “mainstream” creation so far. I doubt most mainstream viewers who enjoy Tsukamoto’s films though. His films tend to be highly creative but hard to classify – are they sci-fi or horror films? Are they meant to be exploitative or are they serious films that reflect on the society we live in? I think they are all of the above.

Anyway, Nightmare Detective seems to be officially termed a horror. The basic plot follows 2 deaths and a detective who can enter dreams. Japanese pop star Hitomi makes her silver screen debut in this movie and the director appears to play the role of the villain. Stylistically, the film delivers the goods with Variety calling Tsukamoto’s style “recalling David Lynch at his most perverse.” The movie was screened at the Pusan Film Festival and a trailer can be found at the official site.

Variety review
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Official site