Firefox 2.0 : significant new feature in spell checker

Last week, I downloaded the final release of Firefox 2.0. I have been using it for about a week and my preliminary impressions of the browser is very positive.

First off, upgrading was smooth. Bookmarks and settings transferred over seamlessly. Loading / rendering speeds of web pages were reasonably fast and I have not ran across pages that display with problems as yet. The interface is slightly different visually, but it is really a very minor change.

The new built in real time inline spell check is great! When you type a misspelt word, it underlines it in red and if you right click, it gives you options for the correctly spelt word. You can even download different dictionaries – so no more spell check errors for UK spelling!! For me, this is the killer new feature – and it WILL become a great tool for users who compose frequently on web-based applications including blogs, forum posts and web-mail.

Some of the upgrades were actually available as extensions in Firefox 1.5. Features like session resumption, crashed session restoration, and tab options are new features that were previously offered with Tab Mix Plus. So nothing new here for most experienced users.

Verdict : Firefox 2.0 wins a positive thumbs up from this user.