Richard Donner offers new take on Superman in Action Comics

A much publicized comic event, Action Comics #844 features the artwork of Adam Kubert (his first DC comic) and the writing team of Geoff Johns (Green Lantern, Teen Titans) and Richard Donner. Yes, this is the Richard Donner that directed the 1978 Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve.

The plot basically sees Superman stopping a meteor from destroying Metropolis to discover a little boy inside. The boy displays the same types of powers Superman possess and can even speak Kryptonese. The issue ends with Lex Luthor, who hints that he will take advantage of the situation.

In essence, Richard Donner has crafted a story that has scenes that are very similar to the movie he directed. I suppose this is amusing but I found the issue lacked punch and there weren’t any big surprises. I also found the artwork abit under-whelming. In both aspects, I feel the recent Batman re-launch with Andy Kubert and Grant Morrison offered much more entertainment.

I read in Wizard that Donner will re-haul Bizarro for this arc of Action Comics. This should to be interesting.

Verdict : abit flat and showing promise.


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