Death Note : The Last Name is a letdown

Death Note became the 2nd highest grossing Japanese movie in Hong Kong, ranking only after blockbuster J-Horror masterpiece The Ring, when it showed in Hong Kong in August 2006. Due to this phenomenal box office, the sequel was released in Hong Kong the very same week it hit the screens in Japan.

Death Note : The Last Name picks up where the first movie ended and continues to pit Light against super-detective L. New elements have been added to the sequel including Rem, a new demon of death and an important new character called Misa Amane (who becomes Light’s accomplice). According to press reports, the producers took great liberties with the source material and the ending is supposed to be largely different from the events that take place in the manga.

Not having read the manga, I can’t comment on whether this is an improvement or not. What I can say is that the sequel is decidedly inferior to the first Death Note movie. I found the ending of the movie very confusing with many holes in the plot. While I enjoyed the ingenuity of the plot in the first movie, the so-called twists in the plot in the sequel feels forced – I cannot understand why demons of death can fall in love with teenage girls.

Verdict : not by any means unwatchable or bad, just a disappointment after the highs of the first movie.

Link to post of the first Death Note movie

Rem – demon of death

Misa Amane – looking at people with special death demon eyes

A leggy reporter Light uses to fool L