Terragen : a powerful landscape image generator

As I was searching for some high resolution wallpapers, I came across a landscape generator called Terragen. Quite a few of the more dazzling wallpapers that I downloaded give credit to this software. Apparently, Terragen is free for general and non-commercial use. The free download has a cap on resolution for the images it generates – which is naturally unlocked if you eventually decide to pay for it. As a free software, Terragen is still able to produce images up to 1280 x 960.

In terms of features, Terragen offers plenty of options from cloud textures to control of camera angles, amount of terrain, water and the angle of sunlight. I found Terragen to be a very powerful software and while it has a medium-to-high learning curve, I did have a load of fun of the program.

Link to Terragen website

Screenshot of Terragen

A random landscape I generated