JLA gets better and better!

JLA #3 surpassed my expectations! Riding high on the publicity of the relaunch as well as the freedom of creativity unleashed by the events of Infinite Crisis, JLA continues to deliver a very thrilling story. I think it is probably the one of the best monthly titles currently in print.

Issue #3 introduces some twists as Red Tornado begins to doubt the wisdom of inhabiting a mortal body instead of an android casing. The big three – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – continue their debate on which members to invite into the revamped JLA, but trouble comes knocking at the door. The issue contains a great action sequence where we see the Black Canary in full action and Hal Jordan doing some nasty ring slinging.

One of the joys of reading this JLA title is the sheer number of heroes and villains that appear in each issue. I just hope they can sustain this excellent effort.

Verdict : a definite must read


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