Critics give Daniel Craig positive reviews as new 007

The latest 007 film Casino Royale will be released in the US next week and the first batch of major press reviews have already appeared on the web. All the reviews have been positive so far, earning the film a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (well, at least on 10 Nov the score was perfect)! Casino Royale was the first Bond novel to be published and this new film explores the early career of 007. The trailer can be found at the official film website (best viewed with Internet Explorer).

I was just reading Todd McCarthy’s review of the film at He found the movie to be the first Bond in a while that’s not over-produced, and all the better for it. The producers have apparently decided to take Bond back to the basics and the film does not feature a ton of high tech gadgetry.

One of the biggest questions surrounding this production was whether Daniel Craig would live up to the role as the world’s most flamboyant secret agent. I think overall the public has been skeptical of Craig as a worthy Bond. In England, BBC’s Paul Arendt feels Craig is not a good Bond, but a great Bond. He believes this is the closest Bond we have seen so far that adheres to the character created by Ian Fleming.

Now, I must wait for the film to show in Hong Kong this Christmas.