Google Desktop upgrade : sidebar gets new look

Google Desktop’s latest upgrade contains several new features :

1. Transparency for sidebar
2. Icons on top left corner of gadgets
3. A cleaner look for gadgets
4. Drag and drop gadgets from sidebar to anyway on your desktop
5. Gadgets from Google (as opposed to 3rd party) received updated looks

Installation woes : initially I downloaded the release via Goggle Updater and while the download was successful and the sidebar was functioning, I could not set it to transparent. Subsequently, I un-installed and re-installed Google Sidebar – this time the sidebar achieved transparency. (Google Desktop download page)

Impressions : transparency gives Google sidebar a much sleeker look, in tune with Windows Vista and newer desktop skins. The gadgets themselves also appear smarter in general. Memory usage seems on par with previous release.

One can find many gadgets for Goggle Desktop and I find some of these very functional. Currently, the gadgets I have installed into the sidebar include : calendar (syncs with Goggle Calendar), photo gallery, web clips (RSS feeds), local weather, scratch pad and a system info panel.