Pixelnotes : functional wall design that also looks funky

Imagine a room wallpapered with post-it notes. In reality designer Duncan Wilson came up with this idea and the concept even won awards. He calls the concept Pixelnotes and explains it as:

A wallpaper consisting of four layers of varying grey tones on a bright primary backing. Each layer is perforated in a grid format and backed with a tacky adhesive similar to ‘post-it’ notes. Pixelnotes is inspired by the way we work within a space. The walls become functional, an integrated noticeboard that documents our activity within the room. Pixelated formations and shapes develop according to our patterns of use.

I think it looks very interesting and is functional as well. I wonder what happens when you eventually use up all the note paper and whether it stands up to the humid weather of the tropics.

Link to Pixelnotes