Who is behind the shooting of Dr Strange?

Despite being the sorcerer supreme of this dimension, Doctor Strange has never had a good run with his own title back in the 1960s and 1970s. Currently, he doesn’t even have a regular series. Fortunately. Marvel has launched a 5-part mini-series titled Doctor Strange: The Oath recently and I am impressed with both the artwork and the plot.

Structured like a detective novel, the plot concerns a magic potion that can save Strange’s assistant Wong from a lethal tumour. Unfortunately, a burglar steals the potion and even manages to penetrate the good doctors protective spell and injury him. In issue #2, Strange sets off to recover the lotion and discover who is working against him behind the scenes.

Featuring the artwork of Marcos Martin, the look and feel of this title is positively retro and reminds me of Tim Sale’s excellent noirish artwork for Batman (the critically acclaimed The Long Halloween and Dark Victory) but with much brighter colours. I’m eager to see his treatment of the mystical battles that will take place in the upcoming issues.

Verdict : highly recommended


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