George Martin gets back to Beatles’ classic in Love

The recently released The Beatles : Love received plenty of press coverage because of producer George Martin’s re-working of Beatles’ classic. Well, does it work?

First, abit of background. Cirque du Soleil wanted to do a show based around the music of The Beatles. When the remaining members and their families agreed on this idea, George Martin (the producer of most of the original Beatles sessions) was asked to re-master the tapes so they would sound impressive on today’s state-of-the-art audio equipment. When Martin began his task, he decided to experiment and “mash-up” the tracks. An example of this would be Martin’s use of a drum beat from Ringo to combine “Within You Without You” with Tomorrow Never Knows”.

I listened to the CD and had the following impressions:
a) the sound quality is good, probably the best audiophile Beatles album
b) while it is amusing to hear the tracks differ from their original version, I don’t think the changes are catastrophic or even that daring

Outstanding tracks : #2 Get Back, #9 Something, #22 When My Guitar Gently Weeps

Verdict : it is a pleasant but hardly essential “Beatles” album. On the plus side, it will undoubtedly make many people revisit their Beatles albums.


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