Saw 3 : the same old trick is getting rusty

I came to experience the gruesome first Saw film on DVD as none of the cinemas showed it at the time. I found Saw thrilling with a low budget sensibility to offend and be fun at the same time. When Saw 2 came out on DVD, I bought the disc immediately and thought it was less appealing than the first film.

When Saw 3 finally made it to the big screen here, I chose to see the film at a cinema to see if it would pack more of a punch. I found Saw 3 totally disappointing – it delivers very few thrills, but a lot of gore (including an open brain surgery) that seems to be there just to gross out viewers. And Saw 3 is not longer a fun thriller but a sadistic movie with very little plot. Apart from the predictable plot twists at the end, the film takes quite a while to get going and film length is too long for my liking. Jigsaw (the chief villain) plays a lesser role in this 3rd instalment and the film is notably less entertaining because of this.

Verdict : a disappointment.