Curiosity Kills The Cat : the best Chinese film of 2006

Featuring an interesting narrative structure that owes a debt to Quentin Tarantino, Curiosity Kills The Cat is set in contemporary China, juxtaposing the rich who reside in luxury high rise apartments with the decidedly working class who live in squalor in the surrounding sprawl. The film manages to be appealing as both a Rashomon-like mystery, while exploring the psychology and interaction of the have and have-nots in modern day China. The film stars Hu Jun and Carina Lau, who won an acting award for her performance.

Since Curiosity Kills The Cat was never shown on the screens in Hong Kong, I bought the DVD the first time it crossed my eyes. The DVD only cost HK$35, and is a region free disc from China. The disc features 5.1 surround sound as well as Chinese and English subtitles.

Verdict : a must watch for Mainland Chinese film buffs