Samsung YP-K3 – a nice alternative to iPod Nano

This new DAP from Samsung is very very attractive. The YP-K3 is essentially the YP-K5 without the sliding mechanism and the built in speaker. The YP-K3 gains from this reduction in hardware feature set – the newer model is small, thin and is reputed to feature excellent sound quality and a nice user interface.I just hope they come in 4GB and 8GB models with a reasonable price tag. And let’s hope the files can be transferred via drag n drop.

As a side note, I recently went to Samsung’s flagship showroom and laid my hands on the YP-T9. Being the top-of-the-line flash DAP from Samsung, I found the form factor of the YP-T9 very nice. Pricing is abit ridiculous though, it’s 4GB is just HK$100 cheaper than the 8GB iPod Nano!!

Link to product introduction page