Marvel scores a winner with Stephen King adaptation

I have not read anything by Stephen King since the 1980s. But two weeks ago, Marvel’s much touted comic book adaptation of King’s Dark Tower series finally became available. Both Variety’s comic blog Bags and Boards and The Savage Critic(s) gave it very positive reviews, so I gave the first issue I shot.

Set in a futuristic world where gunslingers collide with magicians and other sci-fi /fantasy elements, Marvel’s The Dark Tower is indeed a strong title. King’s novels follow the titular gunslinger’s mythic journey to The Dark Tower, but this comic is more concerned with the origin of the character. This first issue successfully introduces the characters without dragging down the pace with backstory. I really liked the artwork by Jae Lee, though I agree with The Savage Critic(s)’ comments that the colouring is abit monotonous and reduces the overall impact of issue. I felt the book offers the type of thrills similar to DC’s Vertigo line of more mature titles.

Based on this issue, I have gone out and bought the novel!

Verdict : highly recommended. A very nice break from Marvel’s usage fare.


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