2007 HKIFF : Part 3


After The Wedding (Cultural Centre) Director : Susanne Bier / Cast : Mads Mikkelsen, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Rolf Lassgard – Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen is probably best known to the world as the villain in last year’s 007 blockbuster Casino Royale. I became aware of the actor when I watched The Pusher Trilogy and I find the actor VERY versatile. In After The Wedding, Mikkelsen stars as an organizer of a charity operation in India who has to travel back to Denmark to secure fundings from a wealthy businessman. During this trip, he is reunited with his ex-lover and a daughter of which he has no knowledge. I normally don’t find these sentimental movies too entertaining, but this one features strong acting across the board.

A Few Days In September (Cultural Centre) Director : Santiago Amigorena / Cast : Juilette Binoche, John Turturro, Nick Nolte, Sara Forestier, Tom Riley – Dangerous spies and powerful businessmen trade information in the critical days that lead up to 911 in A Few Days In September. While that’s the premise, the film appears to much more interested in relationships than espionage and thrills. Nick Nolte delivers a short but sweet performance as an American spy. Recommended.

Black Sheep (City Hall) Director : Jonathan King / Cast : Nathan Meister, Danielle Mason, Peter Feeney – Instead of Zombies on the rampage, in this hilarious gore-comedy we have mutant sheep devouring humans on the green pastures of New Zealand. The audience in City Hall roared with laughter during the showing and I found this an enjoyable and light-hearted romp compared to some of the more artsy fair at the festival. Easily the most entertaining film I saw at this year’s HKIFF.

Days Of Glory a.k.a. Indigenes (Cultural Centre) Director : Rachid Bouchareb / Cast : Jamel Debbouze, Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Boujila – Yet another WWII movie, but this one concentrates on how the minority population from French colonies in North African made major contributions to the French war effort yet suffered discrimination and were denied basic rights. While the film is well made, I found it way over-long and not particularly striking or original when compared to other WWII films. Still, Days Of Glory highlights a chapter of history few pay attention to.



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