Marky Mark in another solid action thriller


The Reaping – When I first saw the trailer online, this film was scheduled for a Halloween 2006 release. After many delays, it finally came out in March 2007 in the US. Normally, delays mean production problems, or worse yet, a lack of faith on the studios part. I went to see the film wondering which it would be and my guess now is the later. The Reaping starts off strong – Hilary Swank as a university professor out to debunk miracles with scientific explanations. The plot thickens when she is asked to explain a series of events the resemble the 10 plagues documented in the Old Testament. Unable to provide a plausible outcome, the final act comes out of nowhere and is extremely hokey. What a disappointment.

The Shooter – This movie reminds me of the no nonsense macho action movies of the 80s. Back then, they didn’t need convoluted plots. Compared to the current crop of actioners, The Shooter is fairly straight-forward and I think it is more entertaining precisely because of this. Mark Walhberg stars as an ace sniper, a role that is very familiar to gamers who play tactical FPS games. He is framed for an assassination he did not commit and needless to say he wants to clear his name. I didn’t find the action too bombastic and it was engaging enough as simple pop corn fun.



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