What’s your Web 2.0?

Many Web 2.0 apps are touted as the “next big thing”. But how many of them are used on a regular basis by actual users? Well, I came across an article at Web Worker Daily that links back to a survey at Engtech, with the intention of discovering this.

The Rules posted over at Engtech include linking to the post and the post of whoever tagged you and creating a list of the Web 2.0 sites you use and categorize them from “daily use” to “weekly use” to “monthly use”.

The survey is open to all to participate in the comments section at Engtech or to join in on the meme with their own blogs. And here are the Web 2.0 apps I use.

DAILY : Google Reader, Gmail, Last.fm, Wikipedia, Netvibes
WEEKLY : YouTube, WordPress.com
MONTHLY : Tumblr, Photobucket, Blogger
OCCASIONAL, when needed : Todoist, Yahoo!Pipes, Google Notebook


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