Spider-Man 3 : too many under-developed characters


I saw Spider-Man 3 the first day it was released in Hong Kong. The simple question most have asked is : how does it compare with the two earlier Spider-Man films?

In terms of spectacle, this latest Spider-Man film delivers more action that the first two films taken together. The action sequences are technically well constructed as a whole but I thought they felt less integral to the plot that the excellent train-losing-control scene in Spider-Man 2. As for special effects, I liked Venom’s execution more than Sandman and wish Sam Raimi had given the alien creature more screen time.

Plot-wise, Spider-Man 3 is the least successful film in the trilogy. There seems to be too many characters Raimi wants to throw out at viewers and none of the storylines work out to be convincing. Bryce Dallas Howard looks spot on as Gwen Stacey but has a peripheral role; Harry Osbourne’s New Goblin feels neither here nor there (one critic called him a spoilt kid with expensive toys); and Sandman gets introduced but mostly forgotten till nearly the end. The falling out between a cocky Peter Parker (affected by the alien symbiote) and a childish (I felt) Mary Jane didn’t really provide much dramatic tension either. And what’s with the horrendous slapstick comedy in the middle act of the film??

Many critical comments have been made against this third Spider-Man film in online forums and perhaps we all have too high expectation for the series. At any rate, viewers flocked to the see the movie and as a result it proved to be a huge box office hit. So much so that Sony immediately announced that several more sequels will be on its way.



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