Who’s tougher, Alien or Predator?


It does not make for a promising project when you base a film on a comic that in turn pitches two film monsters against each other. But since both the alien (from the Alien series) and the predator (from the Predator series) have a loyal fan base, it does make marketing sense. The resultant movie remains reviled by critics and Rotten Tomatoes’ Critics TomatoMeter reveals that an overwhelming majority dislike the film. I beg to differ. Critics often miss the point when it comes to B-grade films that have no pretence of being anything more than juvenile fun. I actually found Alien Vs Predator rather entertaining and the best thing it did was to head straight for action. It actually delivers what it promises, which means we get to see multiple predators duking it out with a pack of aliens (and a queen too). This is not one of the lame movies where the monsters only face off in the climax of the film. No, we the viewers see the two breeds of space monsters in conflict in more than a couple of scenes.

The film was directed by Paul W.S. Anderson. I won’t call Mr Anderson an artist of great magnitutde, but he has made some decently entertaining B-grade sci-fi films (to be fair, he has made some really horrible pictures too). I actually quite liked his Aliens-Hellraiser mashup movie Event Horizon. Of course, Alien Vs Predator cannot be compared to Ridley Scott’s pioneering first Alien movie, but it is not really that much different from the original Predator film. I am sure that the Alien Vs Predator DVD will be one of the discs that I view on a frequent basis, which is not something that can be said of Scott’s Alien (which I find a bit slow).


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