Zoho Notebook powerful but not intuitive

zoho_logo_new.gif Zoho is a Web 2.0 enterprise that offers online office tools. This includes your usual word processor, spreadsheet, planners and such. Last week, I came across several blog posts that mentioned Zoho Notebook beta as an elaborate and powerful tool for taking web clipping and misc notes. I registered with the site (very easy) and logged in to give the app a quick run through.

I found Zoho Notebook versatile but not intuitive – experienced web users with have no problems with creating content but novices (like my parents) may have difficulty figuring out how to add pages and organize entries. The app does give users a choice of keeping notes (or books as they are called) private, published or open to collaboration. You can easily add web pages, audio and video as well as mark up webpages with annotations and side notes. I found the app as responsive as most online AJAX applications – no better but no worse.

I also found this link to a published Zoho “book” that offers prospective users a rundown of the app and a great demo of the apps itself.


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