World War Hulk #1 gets event off to a great start

world-war-hulk-1.jpgMost summer comics events don’t really live up to the hype. Over the last few year, on Marvel’s side we’ve had House Of M, Decimation, and last year’s Civil War; on DC’s side, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis and it’s VERY convoluted aftermath. The only one I consider a success is DC’s Identity Crisis – this miniseries didn’t involved a ridiculous number of crossovers, the plot was tight, self-contained as well as touching and the art truly dazzled. So I was indeed quite sceptical when Marvel decided to launch World War Hulk this summer, as I found Marvel’s recent crossover events lacklustre. I was, however, pleasantly surprised with World War Hulk #1.

First off, I really liked John Romita Jr.’s pencils. Next, this issue packed a whooping 48 pages of great action, from Hulk’s brief confrontation with Black Bolt to the issue climax battle with Iron Man. Loads of characters pop up but it never feels messy (like the recent JLA JSA crossover). Very promising and by far the best Marvel comic I’ve read in quite a while. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this doesn’t become a crossover and continuity mess as the event progresses over the summer.


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