JLA #10 : a convoluted mess

jla-10.jpgI desperately wanted to like the JLA / JSA Lightning Saga crossover, but I became disappointed after 2 issues. The artwork was generally good on both titles, but the plot was a horrible mess. Stuff with an overwhelming amount of minute detail, I found this arc really difficult to follow and for the most part rather petty. Now, I did grow up with the Legion of Super Heroes (pre-crisis version), so I was extremely excited to see Karate Kid, Wildfire, Dawnstar and their fellow legionnaires. But what a nightmare this series must be to those unfamiliar with the pre-crisis Legion. Man, even I got confused and had to use Google to clarify a few plot points. If DC wants to bring back the classic Legion line-up, they really need to get the continuity straight instead of making an already convoluted back story even more mind-boggling. [mind you, I would love to see the classic Legion on a regular basis, but not like this!]

Last week, I was hoping the final instalment of the series would deliver a explosive conclusion making the entire arc worthwhile (or at least make sense). Well, JLA #10 failed to deliver and I felt duped. What??? The Legion came back in time to bring back Wally West? But even Brainiac 5 thought it ought to have been someone else! The final chapter offers no answers and leaves plenty of questions hanging. Even the artwork on JLA #10 seems rushed and less impressive than previous issues. It feels like the writers developed more plot than they could handle. Most disappointing.


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