Aztec Camera’s Love : perfect for a hot summer day


What music should I play to this rather hot weather? That’s the question I asked myself this afternoon. Somehow, Chicago blues doesn’t work when the temperature is above 25 C. So, today, I searched my Foobar album list for something that suited this heat – and I came out with one of my favourite summer albums, Aztec Camera’s very breezy mid 1980s album Love. Although generally derided as being lightweight and inferior to their debut album High Land Hard Rain, I have a particular fondness for many songs on the CD. Much of this has to do with my associating the music with the summer when I graduated from secondary school. I liked the lyrics then, don’t really mind them now, and Roddy Frame plays some of the best guitar solos and fills among my pop albums.

Standout tracks : #1 Deep Wide & Tall, #2 How Men Are, #4 More Than A Law, #5 Somewhere In My Heart, #9 Killermont Street


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