La Terza Madre to premiere in Toronto


I am real envious of folks living in Toronto! Dario Argento’s La Terza Madre – the final instalment of the Three Witches Trilogy that includes Suspiria and Inferno – will première at the Midnight Madness section of this year’s Toronto Film Festival. If the film fares well with critics and film-goers, I just might get lucky enough for it to be included in next year’s Hong Kong Film Festival. I have seen most of Argento’s films but only on DVD and it would really be great if I could experience this one on a large screen.

The writers at Twitch are obviously equally excited about Argento’s latest film and have been providing loads of info about the film. Apart from starring Asia Argento and Dario Nicolodi, the film will feature a score by former Goblin member Claudio Simonetti (who also provided a large part of the soundtrack for Phenomena). Twitch has also posted a fascinating interview with Dario Argento – it provides plenty of insight into this latest film as well as why the DVD for Four Flies On Grey Velvet will probably not be available in the short term (damn!).

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