Recently read books : Japanese fiction

Recently, I have read quite a few Japanese novels translated into Chinese. Most of these novels were decently entertaining, with the exception of the rather pretentious and long-winded 姑獲鳥之夏.

The surprise was 砂之器 by 松本清張. I read his so-called seminal Points And Lines in English translation more than five years ago and found that book very dull with too much details involving train schedules. I found 砂之器 to be significantly more interesting.

Having watched a fair number of ninja movies and anime, I was delighted to come across 伊賀忍法帖 by 山田風太郎. The cult movie Ninja Wars actually managed a rather faithful adaptation of this novel – but the novel is nonetheless the better read. Very amusing stuff.

Title Author How I liked them
宿命 東野圭吾 ★★★
池袋西口公園2 石田衣良 ★★★★
動機 橫山秀夫 ★★★
某《小倉日記》傳 松本清張 ★★★
雪國 川端康成 ★★
砂之器 松本清張 ★★★★
危險的童話 土屋隆夫 ★★★
姑獲鳥之夏 京極夏彥
伊豆的舞孃 川端康成 ★★★
伊賀忍法帖 山田風太郎 ★★★★

Ninja  Dangerous Fairy Tales  Snow Country  Summer Bird


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