Create online timelines with xTimeline

timelinex.pngxTimeline (currently in beta) offers users an easy solution to creating timelines that can be viewed online. Access to timelines created can be controlled by users with 3 options: completely open to public; accessible by invited friends or viewable by user only.

After registering for a free account, users can create timelines in just a few simple steps. I found the process as straight forward as it gets. Users can enter data event by event or via bulk upload with a CSV file. An interesting option is to create timelines based on RSS feeds. This option makes the creation of a timeline of your blog entries a no brainer.

When I gave xTimeline a trial run several weeks ago, the site did not support traditional Chinese characters. I sent the development team an email about this and reply was prompt : the item was in development. About a week later, I received another email for them, this time informing me that the site now supported Chinese characters. On Monday, they’ve added another feature, the ability for users to export data in a XML or CSV file. Good work and very nice user response!

Overall, xTimeline looks promising as an online timeline solution. It is at the moment not half as flexible as Simile Timeline, but xTimeline has the benefit of being very easy to use. I’m sure the development team will gradually introduce features that allow timelines to be more tweakable. Recommended.

xTimeline blog
Create a timeline from RSS feeds with XTimeline – Lifehacker


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