My new phone : Nokia E65


I acquired a new handset after using my Nokia 3230 for more than 3 years. Initially, I was considering a few Sony Ericsson W series handsets, but at my new job, I need to be able to install a 2 dimensional barcode reader onto my mobile phone and the client works best on a Symbian phone.

I ended up comparing two phones, the Nokia 6120 Classic and Nokia E65. I actually liked the 6120 slightly more but the salesman said some customers had negative experiences installing software onto the phone. As a result, I ended up buying the E65.

I spent some time transferring my contacts over to my new phone and have been trying to get used to the menu navigation. Despite having used a S60 phone before, the E65’s newer 3rd edition S60 interface is different enough from the 3230 for me to need to refer to the manual.

First impressions of the phone are positive. It has a very nice screen, the menu is significantly nicer to look at and the default screen is indeed much more informative than the older S60 one. On the negative side, because the default screen has quite a few lines of info, using wallpapers makes it difficult to see anything properly – and the text blocks the images anyway.


One thought on “My new phone : Nokia E65

  1. 我剛放棄用了幾個月的E65。當你用中文系統的英文字母輸入來搜查通訊錄時,速度真是慢得驚人。而當上星期在Nokia的網上upgrade了E65的軟件後,我的BlackBerry電郵變成全看不到中文。小心。

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