Ummagumma goes mobile!

Over the last half a year, I have become acquainted with 2D barcode and mobile content technologies. As a result, this blog now has a mobile version that can be conveniently viewed on mobile handsets.

On the top of right sidebar, I have placed a QR code that links to the mobile version of the blog. The first thing users need to do is install a 2D barcode reader onto their handsets. Once they have the reader, all they need to do is scan the QR code with the software, sort of like taking a snapshot of the code. The software interprets the QR code, launches the browser and loads the webpage. This helps bypass the gruesome task of inputing the URL into the handset browser (though of course you can do that too). Most modern handsets come installed with decently capable browsers and newer models with 3G and HSPDA connectivity would be ideal for this purpose.

There are many free 2D barcode readers on the market for mobile handsets, but unfortunately, the number of models they support vary greatly. The 2D barcode readers I would recommend at this moment are i-nigma (which performs incredibly well on Symbian Series 60 handsets) and QuickMark.

Another useful utility, or rather web service, that I rely on to produce a mobile version of the this blog is Mofuse. This web service offers a simple and rather brain-less way to create a mobile handset compatible version of any webpage or blog. Once registered (free), users can create pages from scratch or simply pointed their mobile site to the RSS feed of their blogs. Essentially, Mofuse loads and converts the RSS feed into a mobile friendly format, so once set up this way, users no longer have to maintain or fuss over their mobile blogs. The mobile version of Ummagumma is currently text only as I find this more efficient for viewing on handsets. Mofuse is a brilliant idea executed well. Highly recommended!

P.S.: the link under the QR code offers viewers a preview of what the mobile version of Ummagumma would look like on their handset screens.


3 thoughts on “Ummagumma goes mobile!

  1. I have used NeoReader extensively too, but that was several months ago and I am aware that they are making upgrades to the reader.

    I found NeoReader significantly more efficient under Symbian platform; the experience on Java is not quite as impressive.

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