Todoist gets upgrade – sidebar enhances productivity

Online task management service Todoist received a major enhancement last month with the launch of a sidebar extension for Firefox (compatible with Firefox 3.x). The extension adds a button onto the browser toolbar and a simple click opens a sidebar on the right side of the browser – currently it seems this sidebar cannot be docked to the left.

Todoist Sidebar Extension

Enhancements brought about by the sidebar include:

  • One-click addition of web pages as task items – this transforms Todoist into decent solution for bookmarking temporary / working web pages online
  • Tight Gmail integration. It is now a breeze to add important emails that need follow up action as a to-do item in Todoist with a simple click.

I have been using Todoist on and off for over a year. I prefer it over other more powerful task management software and online services mainly because of its simple and clean interface. In the past, adding links to web pages inside Todoist required too much manual cut and pasting; now with the sidebar, it is a great deal easier. The service has also evolved with the sidebar and is capable for doing much more than compiling simple to do lists. With this current enhancement, I can myself using it on a much more frequent basis.

If you really need elaborate features and multiple ways of syncing it with Microsoft Outlook or cell phones and PDAs, then Todoist is probably NOT the solution you seek.

To begin using Todoist, you need to register here for a free account. The extension can be downloaded and installed here.

Highly recommended.


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