Thumbs up for David Gilmour’s Live In Gdansk!

David Gilmour’s latest CD Live In Gdansk consists of the entirety of his most recent studio album On An Island and fan favourite Pink Floyd tunes. I bought the plain 2CD version but apparently there are multiple options, some containing a DVD of the recorded concert. The band featured on the discs include Pink Floyd’s recently deceased founder and keyboard player Richard Wright as well as Roxy Music guitar virtuoso Phil Manzanera.

I am very impressed with this live album. These live versions of songs from On An Island sound more energetic – if there was one criticism I had of that studio album was it felt too lethargic. The live versions improve on the originals by concentrating less on lush textures and more on the tunes themselves; tempo of songs are less plodding and the guitar interplay between Gilmour and Manzanera is enjoyable.

Regarding the versions of Pink Floyd songs included in Live In Gdansk, I also believe they are worth owning. Firstly, the versions of Time, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here (nice piano fills) and a riveting Astronomy Domine all sound different enough from previous Pink Floyd live sets to make them worth listening to. More importantly, these versions of Fat Old Sun and Echoes are scorching hot!! David Gilmour’s guitar playing sounds re-vitalized and fresher than it has been in years – maybe the result of including an accomplished guitarist like Manzenera in the band as competition. The quality of music here is not of a cynical veteran going on tour to make a quick buck.

I wholeheartedly recommend Live In Gdansk for good song selection,  great sound quality and excellent guitar playing.

CD1 (Duration – 1:09:25)
01 : Speak To Me
02 : Breathe
03 : Time
04 : Breathe (Reprise)
05 : Castellorizon
06 : On An Island
07 : The Blue
08 : Red Sky At Night
09 : This Heaven
10 : Then I Close My Eyes
11 : Smile
12 : Take A Breath
13 : A Pocketful Of Stones
14 : Where We Start

CD2 (Duration – 1:19:45)
1 : Shine On You Crazy Diamond
2 : Astronomy Domine
3 : Fat Old Sun
4 : High Hopes
5 : Echoes
6 : Wish You Were Here
7 : A Great Day For Freedom
8 : Comfortably Numb


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