Swamp rock perfected on CCR’s Bayou Country

Bayou Country

For the longest time, the only Creedence Clearwater Revival album I had was their greatest hits album Chronicle, Vol. 1 – this excellent disc contained their hit singles and the songs are mostly tight and staples of classic rock radio.

I was aware of John Fogerty’s reputation as an outstanding guitarist, but there are only glimpses of his fretwork on Chronicle, Vol. 1. So a few weeks ago, I went out and bought the band’s first 2 albums.

CCR’s self-titled debut album finds the band still performing cover songs – the band already sounds tight but lacks the confidence that emerges on their second album, Bayou Country. CCR finds it definite sound on Bayou Country and the mixture of hit singles with more adventurous extended jams makes it one very enjoyable album. On these 2 albums, Fogerty’s guitar work is looser and more creative than on the later albums, where he focuses on creating more simple but catchy songs at the expense of musical experimentation.

I heartily recommend Bayou Country as an top notch late 60’s classic rock album!


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