Twitter . . . to tweet or not to tweet

Lately I have begun using Twitter.

Micro-blogging, and Twitter in particular, is already immensely popular in the west, but still in its infant stage in Hong Kong. Personally, I find it requires quite a bit of work to get started – it demands more active participation than say Facebook.

I was also alerted that the basic web interface of Twitter’s own page does not begin to reveal the ways it can be used to share information. As a result, I have installed Twitterfox as an add-on in Firefox, TweetDeck as an app on the desktop, and TwitterFon onto my iPhone.

I have to say I am still experimenting with Twitter and my experience is still rather mixed. As times, the blurbs that I upload seem totally random and meaningless to anyone but me; I don’t see the reason why anyone would want to read my tweets at all!



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