Boy Child : excellent introduction to Scott Walker


After years of deliberation, I finally bought Boy Child, the compilation CD of Scott Walker’s late 60s music. Even on the first spin of the disc, I immediately came to love the music – I can even say this is the most interesting AND listenable CD I have bought in a very long time.

Scott Walker has a great reputation as a singer-songwriter musicians’ listen to and cite as influences. Often this means the music is not very accessible. But Scott Walker’s early albums covered in Boy Child is an odd mixture of 60s pop that sounds like pop yet is more. Walker’s baritone vocals remind me on Tom Jones, and so does the orchestration of strings that create the unique atmosphere of much of his music. Yet, the music is not quite as timid or chart friendly as this makes it seem.

As this is my first Scott Walker CD, it seems I will definitely be acquiring more of his catalogue – probably Scott 4, Tilt and The Drift.

Verdict : highly recommended!


One thought on “Boy Child : excellent introduction to Scott Walker

  1. Just checking, you do know that tilt and The Drift are very very different from his 60s work don’t you? The Drift is truly unlike anything else in musical history!

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