Seminal sci fi cover art by Chris Foss … now can be found online

I started reading science fiction back in the 1980s and the first author that I really loved was Isaac Asimov. I remember going through his Foundation and robot novels with great joy. And I loved the cover art work as well; with both UK and US editions available in Hong Kong, I made a conscious effort to acquire the novels featuring his artwork (which were the UK editions).

Recently when I was browsing the web, I came across some of these fantastic book covers by Chris Foss. And boy, did they bring back fond memories. Even now, I find Chris Foss’s artwork impressive although I suppose space opera style fiction is not in vogue.

Apparently apart from creating covers for science fiction novels, Foss also did some sketches for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s (of El Topo fame) abandoned interpretation of Frank Herbert’s Dune. And to my surprise, the illustrations in The Joy Of Sex were also penciled by Foss.

For more info on Chris Foss at Wikiepedia :

Official Chris Foss website containing his artwork :


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