Dirpy : an excellent web tool to rip MP3s from YouTube

OK, I know it is not right to rip music off the web instead of buying CDs and pouring money into the record labels. BUT YouTube does offer an extensive library of music clips, some ripped from CDs, others recorded from concerts by users and some extracted from archival footage (tapped from TV on VHS?).

There are 2 main reasons why I like to extract these from the web (i.e YouTube) onto my own PC. Firstly, despite improved internet connection, on rare occasions, outages still occur. And then there are days when access to YouTube is simply slow. And then sometimes, clips are taken out by the user or due to copyright issues. Secondly, I want to be able to store the files on my portable audio device.

So what is an easy way to rip MP3s from YouTube clips? The answer is Dirpy, an online service that provides an excellent solution. One can go to their web page and use their search to locate the YouTube clip, or simply paste the YouTube URL into the service box. Dirpy then loads the clip and offers the user some options including modifying the ID3 tag data, filename and where to save the file (see screenshot). To make life even simpler, one can use the Dirpy bookmarklet and directly go to the options page from the YouTube clip page itself.

That’s all one has to do.

The encoding and download speeds are decent, roughly 1 minute for a 4MB file. I can live with that.

Like 90% of web services, Dirpy is in beta. Highly recommended.


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